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LEDWAY ® was founded in the spring of 2009 from an idea of ​​Renato Begotti , after having held various positions of responsibility in the areas of Health and Medicine ( scientific, sales and development of new projects) felt a need to give vent to a dream that for some time he lay in the drawer. Gather the forces of economic and intellectual , he founded LedWay® srl . Innovative thinking , professionalism and scientific methodology applied to each individual project , are the basis of no ¬ strategic corporate culture focused on customer satisfaction. The field of interest is the development of high-tech methods, for the care and welfare of people and pets. For several years, the research focuses on the study of the application of infrared light therapy as a means to balance the frequency of biological systems. LedWay® srl relies on the collaboration of important structures such as the CNR – National Research Council , faculty of several Italian universities and various professionals working in various fields of research (medicine , physics, electrical engineering and biomedical) .

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Stella Sothys

One tool for multiple solutions

I did not think possible, but after using it I have no doubt that the photobiomodulation is one of the most effective and versatile application methods I know. Using both PHYSIStech that PHYSISBeauty recording visible results in a short time with great satisfaction for me and my patients.

New light of natural science

Light as a source of health, wellness and beauty. All this is LEDWAY, the ally for the happiness of my patients.



The health, welfare and aesthetics correspond to normal structure and function of every organ and system, vital systems interconnected and mutually related. Minor injuries, disequlibri, pain may call into question the natural balance that exists between them. Through the technology of LedWay srl and the extraordinary versatility of application of photobiomodulation of PHYSIStech, it is possible to regenerate these issues in a strategic perspective which has as its objective the wellbeing of all of us.

Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

Health is the result of a dynamic and harmonious balance between all body’s devices interconnected in a reciprocal exchange of information. When this exchange is less or is debilitated is inflammation, pain and physical disability. With LEDtherapy of PHYSIStech you can restore connections, relieving symptoms and, in cases of rehabilitative action, speeding up the healing process.

Professional Aesthetics and Wellness

PHYSISbeauty is the technology that has revolutionized the way we interpret beauty and wellness focusing its regenerating and healing in the interests of health aesthetics . With PHYSISbeauty cellulite, sagging cutneo, adiposity find effective help to give the skin the appearance of a compact time.

Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

Health aesthetic is synonymous with inner health. When spots, dermatitis, wrinkles, and sagging distort the epithelial layer is the manifestation of trauma accused by the normal structure and function of an apparatus, an organ. Thanks to the extraordinary effectiveness of photobiomodulation of PHYSIStech cells can regenerate and restore radiance to the skin.


LedWay ® srl relies on the collaboration of major scientific facilities such as CNR – National Research Council of Teachers of Italian Universities and a range of professionals working in various fields of research (medicine, physics, electrical engineering and biomedical).

Aesthetics and functionality

With LedWay technology and science are combined with aesthetics and functionality in a simple but effective tool. Designed to be easily transportable and minimally invasive aesthetic environment / medical equipment manufactured by LedWay have the added convenience and ease of use. Each product also makes use of a user manual and is supported by a service continuously.

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